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We Built This City

"A culture, we all know, is made by its cities." - Derek Walcott
Two weeks ago, I ran a poll asking what my readers would like to know more about.  The winning answer was city building, so here we are.
 Recently, I've been trying to flesh out the city of Genkar, a major city in my campaign world.  Genkar sits on the western coast of Aradove.  While certain parts of it have been hinted at in my campaign, and others have been described to me by my players, many of the elements of Genkar have never fully been fleshed out.  I want a map.  I want names of locations I can lay before my players and say "ok, here is Genkar".  So, in short, I needed a way to flesh out this city, to build it and let it be natural.  But where to begin?
The first thing I thought to do was to look at the various cities in my (really 'our' because it belongs to myself and my playgroup) and determine one word that could be used to describe it.  Below is a list of variou…

Unboxing Gargantuan Black Dragon

"Army or not, you must realize, you are DOOMED!" - General Grievous

Today we're going to look at another unboxing.  I was able to snag another gargantuan dragon.  I found another great deal online, so I took it.
The black dragon came in this box.

Inside the box was a map, a scenario packet, and a giant stat card for the old miniatures game.  I'm a huge fan of the map.  It's an underground cavern with a large throne, water pools and tons of gold.

One of the cool parts about the black dragon is the fact that it's aquatic, meaning it gets bonuses to fighting in water.  I've always had the idea of water pools that the dragon could move about in.  The map has these packets, and the scenario booklet talks about the dragon moving between the pools.  So I guess I got the map I wanted.  Pretty neat.
The dragon is amazing.  It's taller than the white dragon, which makes it look even more monstrous and formidable.

I played around and set up some minis to fight …