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7 Questions With Bruce R Cordell

"Every land to drown in the avenging sea of blood"
. Prophecy of the Deep Mother, Sea of Blood

My first experience with the Dungeons and Dragons game was with an adventure called The Sunless Citadel.  I was a goblin, trekking along with the rest of my friends in those long lost ruins.  I remember almost falling off a cliff, trying to negotiate with the other goblins I encountered, and simply trying to survive.  That adventure was written by Bruce Cordell, and it is because of his work that I began my journey into the world of D&D.  At Christmas, I ran another adventure written by him, and so when I was thinking about who to interview, he immediately sprang to mind.  After contacting him via Twitter, he generously agreed to answer some questions and give a little more insight into his publication history and personal involvement with the game.  Ironically, he just announced this week that he is leaving Wizards of the Coast to pursue other things.
I asked Bruce to introd…