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It's All In Your Head

"If you could be inside my head..." - Ozzy Osbourne, Flying High Again
Last week, I was invited to play in a 3.5 Edition of D&D.  Having wanted to play 3.5 a bit, I was all for this.  However, the game that I was about to play was unlike anything else I have ever experienced with Dungeons and Dragons.

Let me explain.  When I started playing, my friends would take turns DMing "an adventure", which basically meant an entire level of play.  I remember my first adventure, which was basically the party trying to pit a tribe of orcs against a tribe of gnolls so that the villagers could live in peace while the two factions of monsters destroyed one another.  I was brand new to 4E and the game in general, so I took the written rules literally and tried to find a way to have 10 encounters so my party could level up.

Another friend of mine (who no longer wishes to play), basically did the same thing, only over and over again for his adventures.  Playing his games were f…

Adventure Idea: The Bridal Party

"Do you wanna get married?  Or run away?" - Goo Goo Dolls, Slide
From my understanding, the idea of a bridal party/groomsmen were to escort the bridge to the wedding.  I found this through google:

"Actually the bridal party began with an Anglo-Saxon tradition. In this tradition, friends of the groom were given the role of guardians or body guards of the bride. It was their duty to make certain that the bride made it safely to the wedding and later the groom's home. She should arrive at both places with her dowry and herself intact. This is how the term bride's knights originated. It evolved into bridesmen and later into groomsmen." -

So, how cool would it be to make this an actual adventure?  I ran it my by fiancee, who said that she would love to play a D&D game like this.

Synopsis: A fey ally to the party is set to married, or an ally of his is about to be.  However, the betrothed needs …

A Trip Down Memory Lane

"3.5 is the best edition of D&D" - Various 3.5 Fanboys
While pretty much all of my DnD experience has been with 4E, I am now ready to take the leap into 3.5 (as a player of course).  It's not that I had issues with editions (I don't, I just understand 4E best and wouldn't want to try and learn more rules), I just never got the chance to play.

For Free RPG Day 2012, I bought a couple old modules from 2nd Edition, just because they looked cool, and I want a variety of things from all walks of DnD.  Indeed, opening the books and reading through the adventures, I felt an "old school" feel to DnD, something that the DnD Next Playtest had a lot of.  The whole thing gives me a different perspective of how the game can be run, and how things back in the day were done.

My good friend Peachey (who plays Gregg, and used to play Pog), has long been a fan of 3.5 (though he's played all editions, I believe).  He has most of the books, and knows it well enou…