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The Black Pit

"All about them as they lay hung the darkness, hollow and immense, and they were oppressed by the loneliness and vastness of the dolven halls and endlessly branching stairs and passages. The wildest imaginings that dark rumour had ever suggested to the hobbits fell short of the actual dread and wonder of Moria." -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings
I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings (as if you couldn't already guess from previous posts).  Without those books, I would probably not have grown to love world building and high fantasy as much as I do.  That being said, I am still relatively new when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons.  The entire game has given me more than I could've ever asked for in a game, and for that I am grateful.  However, I was familiar with RPG's before this.  I was given my first RPG about 10 years ago, and from there learned the joys of what an RPG could give.
My first RPG was, in fact, the Lord of the Rings Roleplaying G…

Monsters In Need

"Give it to me baby!" - Rick James
So here's the list of the Monster Manual monsters that still do not have updates.  Personally, there are some really cool monsters on these lists that I would like to see updated.  Maybe they would show up in more adventures that way.
I'll keep both of these blog posts/lists updated as I find more/people help me out finding more.
Monster Manual 1 Needs Aboleth LasherAboleth Slime MageAboleth OverseerAboleth Servitor
Astral StalkerAtropalBlood FiendPhaneTarrasque
Angel of Valor CohortAngel of Valor Legionnaire
Fire Archon EmberguardFire Archon BlazesteelFire Archon Ash DiscipleIce Archon RimehammerIce Archon Frostshaper
Azer Foot soldierAzer RagerAzer TaskmasterAzer Beastlord
Banshrae DartswarmerBanshrae Warrior
Stone-Eye Basilisk
Fire Bat
Warthorn BattlebriarEarthrage Battlebriar
Cave Bear
Fire BeetleTangler Beetle
Macetail BehemothBloodspike Behemoth
Beholder Eye of Flame
Dire BoarThunderfury Boar
Bodak SkulkBodak Reave…