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MM1 and MM2 Update Sources

"Go big or go home." - Classic Saying

As a special bonus Saturday post, I present my list of Monster Manual 1 and Monster Manual 2 monsters that have received the Monster Manual 3 stat block/math upgrades and where to find them.  I've been working on this project for a while, and due to a post on the Wizards of the Coast forums, I finally went back through some older articles/books to help out of the rest of the community.  If you find any that I missed, please let me know!

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KEY: MV = Monster Vault

Monster Manual 1

Angel of Battle MV
Angel of Protection MV
Angel of Valor Gardmore Abbey: Book 4
Angel of Valor Veteran MV
Angel of Vengeance MV
Ice Archon Hailscourge Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, Dungeon 199
Azer Warrior Hall of the Fire Giant King (Azer Hallwarden)
Venom-Eye Basilisk MV
Shadowhunter Bat Halls of Undermountain
Dire Bear MV
Rot Scarab Swarm Gardmore Abbey: Book 4
Beholder Eye Tyrant MV
Bulette MV
Dire Bulette MV
Carrion Crawler MV
Enormous Carrion Crawler MV
Cavern Choker Dungeon Update
Feygrove Choker Dungeon Update
Chuul Dungeon Update
Chull Juggernaut Dungeon Update
Cyclops Guard MV
Cyclops Rambler MV
Cyclops Hewer MV
Balor MV
Barlgura Gardmore Abbey: Book 3
Hezrou MV
Marilith MV
Vrock MV
Chain Devil (Kyton) MV
Ice Devil (Gelugon) MV
Imp MV
Legion Devil Hellguard MV
Legion Devil Veteran MV
Pit Fiend MV
Spined Devil (Spinagon) The Die Is Cast
Succubus MV
Displacer Beast MV
Displacer Beast Packlord MV
Doppelganger Sneak MV
Young Black Dragon MV
Elder Black Dragon MV
Ancient Black Dragon Dungeon Update: Shademaw
Young Blue Dragon MV
Elder Blue Dragon MV
Young Green Dragon MV
Elder Green Dragon MV
Young Red Dragon MV
Elder Red Dragon MV
Young White Dragon MV
Elder White Dragon MV
Dragonborn Soldier MV
Guard Drake MV
Pseudodragon MV
Spitting Drake MV
Rage Drake MV
Drider Fanglord MV
Drider Shadowspinner MV
Drow Arachnomancer MV
Dwarf Bolter Halls of Undermountain
Dwarf Hammerer Halls of Undermountain
Efreet Fireblade MV
Efreet Cinderlord MV
Efreet Flamestrider MV
Eladrin Fey Knight Gardmore Abbey, Book 2
Eladrin Twilight incanter MV
Elf Archer MV
Elf Scout MV
Ettin Marauder MV
Flameskull Gardmore Abbey: Book 4
Foulspawn Grue Dungeon Update
Foulspawn Mangler Dungeon Update
Foulspawn Berserker Dungeon Update
Foulspawn Seer Dungeon Update
Foulspawn Hulk Dungeon Update
Gargoyle MV
Nabassu Gargoyle MV
Phantom Warrior Dungeon Update
Trap Haunt Dungeon Update
Wailing Ghost (Banshee) Dungeon Update
Tormenting Ghost Dungeon Update
Ghoul MV
Abyssal Ghoul MV
Abyssal Ghoul Hungerer MV
Hill Giant MV
Earth Titan MV
Fire Giant MV
Fire Titan MV
Gibbering Mouther Dungeon Update
Gibbering Abomination Dungeon Update
Gibbering Orb Dungeon Update
Githyanki Warrior MV
Githyanki Mindslicer MV
Gnoll Huntmaster MV
Flesh Golem MV
Stone Golem MV
Grell Dungeon Update
Grell Philosopher Dungeon Update
Hippogriff Dungeon Update
Hippogriff Dreadmount Dungeon Update
Griffon Dungeon Update
Rimefire Griffon Dungeon Update
Grimlock Minion Dungeon Update
Grimlock Follower Dungeon Update
Grimlock Ambusher Dungeon Update
Grimlock Beserker Dungeon Update
Bog Hag MV
Night Hag MV
Halfling Thief MV
Harpy Gardmore Abbey: Book 4
Iron Defender The Iron Circle
Riding Horse MV
Firebred Hell Hound Hall of the Fire Giant King
Kobold Minion Gardmore Abbey - Book 4
Kobold Slinger MV
Kobold Dragonshield MV
Kobold Wyrmpriest Halls of Undermountain
Kuo-toa Guard Dungeon Update
Kuo-toa Marauder Dungeon Update
Kuo-toa Harpooner Dungeon Update
Kuo-toa Monitor Dungeon Update
Kuo-tar Whip Dungeon Update
Lich (Human Wizard) MV-Lvl 14 Lich Necromancer
Greenscale Hunter MV-Lvl 4 Raider
Greenscale Marsh Mystic MV-Lvl 6 Bog Mystic
Blackscale Bruiser MV-Lvl 6 Bruiser
Guardian Naga Dungeon Update
Bone Naga Dungeon Update
Dark Naga Dungeon Update
Primordial Naga Dungeon Update
Nightmare Gloomwrought
Nightwalker Gloomwrought
Ogre Thug Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, Dungeon 197
Ogre Bludgeoneer Gloomwrought
Oni Night Haunter Dungeon Update
Oni Mage Dungeon Update
Ochre Jelly MV
Gelatinous Cube MV
Deathpriest of Orcus Gloomwrought
Otyugh MV
Owlbear MV
Winterclaw Owlbear MV
Rakshasa Warrior MV
Rakshasa Archer MV
Dire Rat MV
Roc Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Dun 198
Sahuagin Guard Dungeon Update
Sahuagin Raider Dungeon Update
Sahuagin Priest Dungeon Update
Sahuagin Baron Dungeon Update
Satyr Rake Dungeon Update
Satyr Piper Dungeon Update
Shambling Mound Dungeon Update
Stormrage Shambler Dungeon Update
Decrepit Skeleton MV
Skeleton The Iron Circle
Blazing Skeleton MV
Skeletal Tomb Guardian MV
Deathrattle Viper MV
Crushgrip Constrictor MV
Sorrowsworn Soulripper Gloomwrought
Deathjump Spider MV
Bloodweb Spider Swarm Gardmore Abbey: Book 4
Stirge MV
Dire Stirge MV
Swordwing Dungeon 204, Ecology of the…
Crownwing Dungeon 204, Ecology of the…
Treant MV
Blackroot Treant MV
Troglodyte Mauler MV
Troglodyte Impaler MV
Troll MV
Umber Hulk MV
Vampire Spawn Bloodhunter MV-Elder Vampire Spawn
Deathlock Wight Dungeon Update
Wight Dungeon Update
Battle Wight Dungeon Update
Battle Wight Commander Dungeon Update
Slaughter Wight Dungeon Update
Gray Wolf MV
Dire Wolf MV
Worg Dungeon Update
Guulvorg Dungeon Update
Wraith MV
Mad Wraith MV
Wyvern Dungeon Update
Fell Wyvern Dungeon Update
Yuan-ti Sharp-eye MV
Yuan-ti Malison Incanter MV-Yuan-ti Malison Chanter
Yuan-ti Abomination MV
Monster Manual 2

Angel of Supremacy Gloomwrought
Earth Archon Ground Rager Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Dungeon 198
Earth Archon Rumbler Hall of the Fire Giant King, Dungeon 200
Beholder Gauth MV
Bullywug Mucker The Iron Circle
Bullywug Croaker The Iron Circle
Cyclops Crusher MV
Abyssal Eviscerator MV
Yochlol Tempter Hall of the Fire Giant King, Dungeon 200
Adult Adamantine Dragon Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Dungeon 198
Adult Iron Dragon Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, Dungeon 197
Bloodseeker Drake MV
Duergar Guard MV
Duergar Scout MV
Shardstorm Vortex Funnelcloud Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Dungeon 198
Shardstorm Vortex Whirlwind Gloomwrought
Stormstone Fury Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Dungeon 198
Tempest Wisp Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Dungeon 198
Frost Giant MV
Frost Giant Ice Shaper Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, Dungeon 199
Frost Titan MV
Stone Giant Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Dungeon 198
Deathpledged Gnoll MV
Fang of Yeenoghu MV
Gnoll Gorger MV
Gnome Entropist MV
Lolthbound Goblin What's Up In Downshadow, Dungeon 204
Iron Golem MV
Human Slaver Gloomwrought
Nyfellar Mammoth Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, Dungeon 199
Nothic Mindblight Hall of the Fire Giant King, Dungeon 200
Black Pudding MV
Black Pudding Spawn MV
Green Slime MV
Remorhaz Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, Dungeon 199
Rust Monster MV
Young Rust Monster Swarm MV
Shadar-Kai Dawnkiller Gloomwrought
Slaughterstone Eviscerator Hall of the Fire Giant King, Dungeon 200
Troglodyte Thrasher MV
Bladerager Troll MV
Winter Wolf Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, Dungeon 199
Winter Wolf Snowfang Gloomwrought/Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant
Diamondhide Xorn Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, Dungeon 199


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