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On Heroics

"And yet their wills did not yield, and they struggled on" - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King
It is raining as I write this, waiting to greet October in a few days.  The month of September has flown by crazily, mostly due to the fact that I've gotten involved in many different activities or projects I'm attempting to get off the ground.  It's funny that now that the summer is slowly saying farewell and I am getting busier, I decide to come back and to blog once again.
Towards the end of the summer especially, one thought has continued to be on my mind: heroes.  I make quips about fixing the tears in my Spidey suit, or battling the Lizard under the sewers of my township.  In the last month, I started making crossover references (for example, Carnage that is somehow emitting Scarecrow's Fear Toxin pheromones).  Despite all the jokes/references that I make, I have really started to think about what makes a hero, and what characteristics they tend to posse…


"I've been burning in water and drowning in flame" -Under the Rose, HIM
It's been a very busy and very rewarding summer; however, the warmer weather is slowly saying its final farewells as we move into beautiful autumn.  I'm a huge fan of fall, especially towards the end of October.  Night runs become spookier, especially because my mind always tends to wander with thoughts of zombies, werewolves, vampires, and a few other supernatural horrors.  The leaves make interesting noises as the wind whispers through them, and the stars and the moon seem to shine brighter.  Or maybe it's just me.
This summer brought a lot of growth opportunities and changes, one of the most important ones being that a lot of my friends moved away to start careers or tackle other school opportunities.  Everybody seems to be reaching that point in life.  Indeed, I'm somewhat at the same point.  Most of my D&D stuff has been slowly packed up as I prepare for my next step in lif…

Back Again

"The Sarlaac found me somewhat indigestible, Solo" - Boba Fett
I sat down today to think about why my blog has had a lack of posts the last few months.  And then it hit me: my D&D experience lately has been mostly playtesting and providing feedback on things I can't share.  So instead of trying to write, I just stopped writing, though I didn't stop thinking.
My name is finally in a printed product, which was kind of a small goal of mine since The Trinket Lord got published online last August.  You can see my name in the credits for "Murder in Baldur's Gate" (at the bottom of the Playtester names).