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The Flames of Passion

"And though this world with devils filled, Should threaten to undo us;  We will not fear, for God hath willed, His truth to triumph through us" - A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Martin Luther
Adventure Synopsis: As raiding orcs pillage and raid villages for prisoners, an intrepid group of heroes tracks them to a ghost town condemned to an underground mine fire.  Exploring inside, they find a shrine dedicated to a mysterious entity as the orcs attempt to summon a fiend and incite war.
Adventure Background: In the lands of the Dying Kingdom, a small abandoned village lies in the mountainous vale known as the Haze.  Records in the historic tomes of House Nowyki state that this village was once the main location of coal and fuel mining for the rest of the kingdom.  Using various trade roads, large quantities of anthracite were exported to the rest of the Dying Kingdom, supplying the lands with enough energy for the populace.
While this area was not the only mining source in the Dying K…

House Nowyki

"The way is shut.  It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it.  The way is shut." J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King
As a runner, one has to find ways to pass along the time as all those miles are logged.  My good friend and I have spent many a long run (8+ miles) discussing our own fantasy world.  This was before I had discovered D&D, and had my creative outlets put on hold in life.  So, for me, these runs were just little glimpses into the wider world I would jump back into building with my friends. As I've continued to playtest D&D Next, I've been able to flesh out other areas of the world, one of them being a currently unnamed kingdom that has fallen into ruin.  I've decided to put down the thoughts and explanations of the world in order to add a basic primer to what I'm running in the campaign.  Feel free to use this post as inspiration in your own gaming world.
The history of this Dying Kingdom lies in a small island nation.  Ma…