Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Unboxing Icingdeath

"Chill!" - Mr. Freeze

I've lately been on an ebay kick.  I've been searching for minis and trying to find some cool stuff for my campaigns.  I stumbled across the gargantuan dragons, and I felt like they would be an awesome epic threat to my campaigns (as well as being dragons).  Unfortunately, most of them were pretty expensive and hard to find.  

I did some exploring on Amazon, and I was able to stumble across a gargantuan white dragon for cheap.  I quickly ordered the special set.  

And so today, I was able to unbox it.

The dragon came in this box.

After cutting the tape and opening it up, I pulled out the cardboard that the miniatures were attached to.

Inside the box was another little case with the map, scenario packet, and the cards.

Once that was done, it was time to look at the minis.  Wulfgar and Drizzt seemed to have paint jobs that were sub par for most of the other minis I have purchased, and Wulfgar's hammer was broken.  I searched for the other half, but couldn't find it.  Oh well.  It's a small price to pay, as I got a great deal on the minis.  Honestly, the Wulfgar mini could now be used as a brawling fighter, or something else.  Minis don't even have to be perfect for PC's.  People need to use their imagination as well, so I'm not really upset. 

Happy with two new minis!

The dragon on the other hand was perfect, which was exactly what I wanted. 

The package also came with a double sided map, a snow village and an ice cave.  Both are really cool and fit with the theme.  I could see these being used in my campaigns for mountainous regions or even locations in the Elemental Chaos or the Prince of Frost's demesne.  I did notice that the village looks very similar to the snow village map from the Monster Vault.  It's not a big deal, as they can be combined to create one large village.

Ice Village from the boxed set
Monster Vault Map
Ice Cavern
Frenzy, Alfred the Wise, Ragnarok and Gregg go toe to toe with the dragon while Caitrisana fires spells at it.  Llenherd stands by to protect the eladrin warlock, on Ragnarok's orders.
Special thanks to my girlfriend for her overwhelming support on this entire blog.  You're the best.

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