Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grave Secrets: Chapter II

"Heroes Are Made By The Times" - The Clone Wars

Outside the Fallen Cathedral, an undead horde was ready to lay siege to the living beings inside it.  Inside the Fallen Cathedral, our heroes knew they had to act fast.

Chainer suggested that they begin by fortifying the structure.  As they were about to begin to prepare for the assault, Frenzy heard a voice inside his head.

"I seek your help.  I am a friend."

Frenzy, disturbed by this mental voice, commanded the voice to show itself.  A moment later, a Shardmind emerged from the shadows.

"I am Megamind," he spoke telepathically.  "I need your help to fight them off."

While Niz and Frenzy were skeptical, Chainer shrugged, knowing that they needed all the help they could get.  As they started to shove materials and barricade the doors, a few zombies burst through.  As the group began defending themselves, they became aware of a disturbing revelation: the zombies were trying to get at Chainer and claim the Necroshard for themselves!

The zombies begin to swarm Chainer while Megamind takes notice.
The rest of the group, noticing what was going on, knew they had to do something before Chainer fell.  Frenzy fought his way through the fray, and Chainer handed him the Necroshard.  The zombies swarmed to the dwarf, but were unable to harm him as the warrior swung his massive hammer, sending the undead creatures flying in every direction.

Frenzy holds his own against the undead legion.
As the night continued, wave after wave swarmed inside the cathedral.  For every zombie that fell, two more came to take their place.

Finally, there was a lull in the fighting.  Niz heard the zombies outside, roaring and trying to break in.  He took a quick swig from his flask.

"Any more ideas?" he asked.

Megamind waved his hands, and focused his psionic powers, and created a disc that hovered.

"Let us place the Necroshard on this, and hover it over the brazier," he told the party.  They agreed.

As the disc was put into place, more zombies burst through, this time, a giant undead abomination with them.

"Let's go!" Niz said, gripping both his tonfas in his hands.

Megamind, floating on his disc, stares at the new monstrosities.
The (anti) heroes charged the monsters, while the monsters, in turn, began climbing the desecrated statue in hopes of leaping onto Megamind and his disc.  Eventually, two zombies broke through, clutching their entrails and hurling them at Megamind.  Eventually, the Shardmind fell, his disc lowering him slowly to the ground before vanishing.

Megamind falls, while Niz watches in horror.
The zombies began to swarm Megamind in an effort to get the Shard.  Niz tried to defend his new ally, but fell as well.  Eventually, one zombie took the Shard for itself.  Immediately, it transformed.

The zombie, transformed.
With Chainer and Frenzy left, they knew they had to act fast if they were to survive.  Frenzy finished off the giant zombie, while Chainer began doing everything he could to slay the Shard Zombie.  Frenzy charged, and began swinging away.

"If we defeat it, the power of the Necroshard will wipe the others out!" Chainer shouted, firing every spell he knew.  Finally, the Shard Zombie fell to Frenzy's warhammer.

As the sun rose, Chainer and Frenzy administered first aid to their other two companions.  They knew they had to hike back to Rathbane and deliver Ellustra her prize.

Trekking through the woodlands back to the city, the group was suddenly ambushed by a injured lizardfolk.  The creature collapsed before them.  Chainer and Megamind decided to take the creature with them, and find him some help.  Megamind's summoned his disc once more to carry the creature.

The group decides to take the injured Lizardfolk with them.
Arriving in Rathbane, the adventurers are met by two of Ellustra's guards, who escort them to her private chambers in the Arena.  Ellustra commends them for returning, and tells Niz she needs to speak with him.  They leave the room, leaving the party waiting for Ellustra to speak to them more of what is to happen, and waiting for the Lizardfolk to recover consciousness from his wounds.

The group meets with Ellustra and her guards in her Arena chamber.

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